Chiquita Adopts Biodigester Tech. Banantastic!

Chiquita supports the Rainforest Alliance

Previously, Chiquita, the people who bring you such treats as The Banana(TM) and The Pineapple (TM), had fruit materials left over from their harvest that they just laid to waste. These materials had no use, and so were treated as such. But now Chiquita has taken this waste and applied a sustainable solution: the Biodigester (not TM).

Corporate Responsibility Officer, Manuel Rodriguez, issued this statement (and it’s a goodie):

“”This technology enables us to harness the full energy potential of fruit materials that previously could not be captured. It provides a sustainable energy source for our facility, nutrient rich fertilizer for local farmers and filters processing water. It benefits our company, our communities and our planet. The Biodigester is the latest demonstration of Chiquita’s global citizenship and our drive to incorporate sustainability into everything we do.”

Despite the fact that this is good publicity for a company like Chiquita (who is actually doing a good implementation of CSR [corporate social responsibility] all around, including partnering with the Rainforest Alliance), it’s excellent to see such a large company cleaning up and becoming more sustainable, not only for their own good, but for the good of the community and farmers around them.

What makes this especially cool to us Vort Porters is the fact that we’ve introduced this biodigesting tech in Madagascar, to help bridge the energy divide as well as clean up the water supply.


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4 responses to “Chiquita Adopts Biodigester Tech. Banantastic!”

  1. Chaitanya Diwadkar says :

    Please explain how industrial monoculture is sustainable and why Vort Port is featuring an industrial agribusiness on it’s blog while claiming that the “The bottom of the pyramid is our top priority”?
    The Rainforest Alliance (RA) has been a very convenient way for corporations to greenwash themselves out of doing anything meaningful. The RA has done a great disservice to humanity and sustainable agriculture by:
    1. supporting the delusion that sustainable and ethical practices are no more expensive than industrial exploitative agriculture. This is simply not possible and one doesn’t need to know much about economics, finance or agriculture to know why. If sustainability is to be a way of life, as consumers we cannot expect to buy Cavendish bananas for $1/dozen!

    2. promoting industrial agriculture and indeed industrial scale monoculture and labeling it as a sustainable practice.
    Until July 2010, RA’s Sustainable Agriculture Standard was so weak as to be meaningless. Even the new standard is after all a standard. Have any of you even bothered to read it?

    • Vort Port International says :


      This was naivety on our part. I congratulate you on your explanation and be assured we’re removing the post from our site. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


      • Chaitanya Diwadkar says :

        Thank you Drew. Appreciate the gesture. I do think Vort Port is a wonderful organization and wish it all success in its endeavours.

      • Vort Port International says :

        Thanks for your support Chaitanya! Thanks for reading the blog, and for blowing the whistle on that story. We’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

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