Google Dishes out $10mil to Improve the Planet

Everyone’s getting in on the ‘improve the planet’ game. It’s fantastic. And who else to support such a thing than a company with plenty of money to give out: Google. Now 10 million is just a fraction of the bills Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook dished out to the Newark School System this week, but it is still fairly substantial.

But while Zuck gave a lot out quickly, Google’s Project 10^100 spent two years finding some worthy org’s. There are five on the list, but here’s the video results, followed by my two favorites:

1. I really like the Khan Academy. They’ve created a library of more than 1,600 teaching videos. Free to anyone, anywhere, Google has give the organization $2 million to enable more courses and in widely used languages. Hopefully users of our computer labs can take advantage of this!

2. Ok I admit, I’m a huge alternative transportation fan. I’m a bike nerd. I actually LIKE taking the DC Metro (I know, I’m weird), so my other favorite is the Schweeb. How can’t you love a name like that? Schweeb combines monorail technologies with those of the recumbent bicycle. It claims to be personal, efficient, and cost effective transportation. I hope it catches on!


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