Low Cost Tech for Lowest Part of the Pyramid.

Chances are you’ve got the Monday blues and are more in the mood to be talked to than you are to read some article I decide to type up. Fortunately, I’ve got two great TED talks that will do the trick!

Vision for the Future

Josh's low-cost vision correction

The first you may have seen within the past year, and features Josh Silver demoing some very low-cost glasses (though they still need work) that can be adjusted to the right prescription in a matter of seconds and more than once. There’s a liquid inside the lenses that adjust to the needs of whoever might be wearing them, and as of this talk, they cost $19:

In another demo, Adam Grosser shows off a sustainable refrigerator. It’s low cost and requires no electricity, keeps foods cool–and more importantly, medicines preserved–in remote corners of the world. I hope that wasn’t too much reading for you. Don’t worry, tomorrow’s Tuesday! Enjoy the videos.


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