Happy First Birthday Vort Port International!

Last year, on July 29, 2010, six individuals got together and signed the incorporation of Vort Port International.  Now, the organization has over 25 members, numerous advisors, and people working on four projects from around the world!

Here are some words from members within the organization about what they’ve learned, and what they look forward to this coming year….

Lessons Learned…

“Ideas paired with passionate people can change the world.” ~Merry Walker, Executive Director, C0-Founder, 1 year

“I have learned how to work with many different types of people, which becomes easier when we all have a common vision we are working toward. I have learned how to face challenges on a daily basis while keeping this vision in mind so that I can help VPI overcome these obstacles and meet our end project goals.  Most of all, I have learned from my team members that diligence and patience come a long way.” ~ Shivangi Khargonekar, Internal Director, 1 year

“Just because we’re young, it doesn’t mean that we can’t take on the challenges. You don’t need years of experience to identify the struggles that plague billions of people on a daily basis. Our generation is where the hope lies. We have to keep marching on!” ~ Pahini Pandya, Public Affairs Director, 7 months

“VPI has increased my awareness of global issues and the applicable solutions that can be implemented to create a stronger living community across the world. The organization has educated me in the complex business and technological fields surrounding social and economic development.” ~Jordan Muratsuchi, Biodigester Technical Team, 3 months

“I am continuously learning at Vort Port International.  From learning what it takes to start a company off the ground to discovering new channels of social entrepreneurship and reaching out to the BOP.  Vort Port International allows your creativity to expand, I worked on considering new business models and had a chance to engage with extremely passionate and intelligent people. I gained and put into practice knowledge about energy, environment, international development, and entrepreneurship.” ~ Chandni Shah, Business Director, 11 months

“VPI has some great people in it that are very motivated and intelligent.  However, their efforts have to be managed correctly or they will be wasted.  In order to manage successfully there are a lot of things that have to be done some of which include: understanding what resources individuals have and what they are good at/know, staying in constant communication, providing positive input and rewards, working as a team, welcoming open discussions, keeping a positive work environment… ” ~Phillip Dixon, Biodigester Technical Director, Co-Founder, 1 year

What Excites You about VPI…

“The creativity of the members in the organization which are reflected in the uniqueness of our existing and developing projects are what excite me the most. Moreover, the passion for creating a more sustainable and healthy international community has been maintained by the VPI team since the founding of the organization, and has established a strong connection between the team members, and to the mission and vision of VPI. This common energy and focus exhibited by the team has allowed me to see a truly bright future for the organization, and most importantly, for the people and communities we are seeking to impact in a positive way.” ~Shivangi

“What excites me the most about VPI is the enthusiasm that the entire team has towards working together and striving to help strangers, across the world, that are in need.” ~Jordan

“The people and the energy they bring is just contagious. There is no other way to describe it.” ~Pahini

“Every single person in the organization is in it, because they are truly passionate about the cause and believe in the organization.  It’s exciting to work with so many enthusiastic, young, intelligent, and team-oriented individuals.  ” ~Chandni

Looking Forward…

“Learning to walk!  I am really looking forward to the implementation of some of our ideas and projects.  VPI is finally getting off the ground, and I know this year will be a step in the right direction.” ~Chandni

“I look forward to the organization getting team members on the ground at our project sites later this year to kick off many of our currently developing project ideas, and seeing our goals come to fruition.” ~Shivangi

“Getting our projects piloted and off the ground!” ~Merry

“I am eagerly looking forward to advances in the technologies that VPI is developing and the implementation of such systems.” ~Jordan


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