Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Even though the weather might not be amazing outside, take some time to get outside today or this weekend to appreciate the wonderful planet we have.  It is truly the provider of all.  We must respect this planet, its resources, and what it has given us—air to breath, water to drink, and rich biodiversity to bring cures for diseases. 

There are simple things we can do to give back to our planet.  Plant a tree, clean up your local stream, unplug appliances when they’re not in use (read more on vampire loads), use your bike and/or public transportation rather than driving, recycle unused electronics (here’s a place you can do so and earn money), bring a reusable shopping back, try going a day without eating meat, wash your clothes on cold rather than hot (over 90% of the energy associated with washing is from hot water heating), reach out to kids in your area and take them for a hike in nature, the options are endless.

These things not only improve the environment, but are typically money-saving techniques and may improve your health.

Thanks for being warriors for our planet!


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